Simple Werewolf Hunting Guide

As any self-proclaimed werewolf hunter will tell you, tracking down and killing a monster disguised as a human is no easy task. Werewolves are cunning and know how to make you look like the bad guy. We put together this guide to help hunters.

Disclaimer: Not all werewolves are killers. We do not advocate killing peaceful werewolves.

Step 1: Confirm that target is a werewolf. This is important to keep yourself safe! Videography, photography, and any other recording of the werewolf is important!

Step 2: Find the equipment you want to use. Silver weapons slow the healing process of werewolves, though any regular weapon is technically capable of dispatching a werewolf. Wolfsbane or other plants can also be used to poison a werewolf.

Step 3: Determine what you want to do with the body. Turn it in to police or burn it.

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